Children party in Manresa. A different space.

Enjoy your children party in Manresa. A space where your kids will be the main actors of the day and the will have a great time playing with wooden games, cooperative games, painting boards and much others…. everything together with their friends and relatives.

Inside our venue, you will have two different areas completely different. Kitchen area with a dinning room and playing games area.

Our project as new entrepreneurs and big family parents was important to have diffent spaces with different thematics.

What you will find?

You will find 2 tables, one for kids of 1 to 6 years old for playing with construction or cooperative table games. The other tables is for older kids or adults where you will find colors and paper for painting.

You will find a wardrobe with costumes and a mirror to see final result of your transformation.

We have a lifetime football, ready for little ones can’t get hurt. The adults will remember our younger times.

There is also a TV 55”with internet and WII U with different games as Mario party or “La Voz” to practice your Karaoke skills….

There is a small wooden kitchen for kids to practice their abilities as cookers

Arcade machine with best retro games from ever.

Everything you need for your children party in Manresa and if you need something else, we will be glad to help you.

Why we have done it?

We have been able to check that it is a space where from kids to the oldest will be able to enjoy a have a great time in El Centric. Adults and children have very well separated spaces.

If you are thinking of having a children’s party in Manresa and you think El Centric might suits to you, do not hesitate to contact us here. We will be pleased to show you the place without any commitment and you see it with your own eyes. I’m sure you’ll like it!

I advise you to do our virtual tour of El Centric, if you have never seen it from the inside. It is ideal to feel how it will be your party and you will see the two spaces well differentiated.

Nens i adults jugant a l'area de jocs.
sala de jocs amb vistes desde el futbolí.